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“There’s no place like home…
there’s no place like home.”

If you’re reading this, you’re obviously in the home furnishing industry. You make a living selling stuff for Ms. Jones to put in her abode. What do you really know about this place she calls HOME?

Where exactly does Ms. Jones live? If you haven’t delved into our detailed Meet Ms. Jones™ analysis, have you at least ridden on your delivery truck through your best-selling neighborhoods?

Are there swing sets in the backyards and bikes on the sidewalks, or neatly trimmed shrubs and clean swept patios? Are there minivans overflowing with sporting goods and fast food wrappers, or Buicks and Caddies tucked into organized carports?

How many people live there?
How old are they?
What are their hobbies?

Now, how do the products and services you offer in your furniture store make her want to invite you into her home for a cup of coffee?

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