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I played, now I must pay. After a lazy weekend our house is trashed. There are dishes on the table, mail on the counter, blankets on the sofa, shoes by the door. But books have been read, movies enjoyed, letters written and fun projects completed.

I’ll spend a good part of tomorrow putting away the remnants of today. You probably spend a lot of time, money and energy making your store look as little like my real life as possible, with neatly arranged shelves of showy accessories and perfectly placed props. And while I don’t recommend you place a half-eaten apple on the end table (ahem, like mine), how can you help Ms. Jones enjoy her play time in her home?>

Can you show her a studio for crafting and creating memories? A play space that inspires imagination and organization? Magazine

racks that help her find that obscure article, bookcases with a place to put family pictures? Her hobbies include collecting, gaming, performing, sewing, creating, cooking, stargazing, birdwatching, gardening and reading.

Ms. Jones has clothes in her armoire, folders in her desk drawers and scrapbooking supplies on the dining room table. And the toys! You can’t imagine the toys. Do you show her how her real life fits into your picture-perfect vignettes? Can she see herself living, working and playing in her home with your products?

You sell solutions, so are you showing them?

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