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Old family photos. Treasured keepsakes. Sentimental chotchkies. Inspirational books. Antique heirlooms. Meaningful artwork. Prized trophies. I have many of these typical accessories in my home, and you probably do as well. You may even have them around your office.

But some people have them everywhere, on every surface, around every corner, piled from floor to ceiling and wall to wall until there’s no room in any room of their homes. They are hoarders, and you can take an in-depth look at their knee-deep mess on several new television shows. Their pain and personal crisis is enough to make you want to clean out your junk drawer during commercials.

Tis the season for organization, in your office, at your home and at Ms. Jones’ home, too.

Where should you start?

How about the supply closet, where you can create a clearinghouse for surplus supplies. Then tackle the wrap desk. Clean every shelf, relabel every bin. Does the layout make sense? Do more pens need to be placed here, should the finance applications be moved over there? Clear the accumulated clutter off the desk, and look at it with a customer’s eyes. Put two people on every job, one who knows the space and another who sees with critical eyes and asks, “Why do you need that?”

How can you help Ms. Jones get organized? You probably sell lots of stuff to store her stuff, so that’s a good place to start. What are the organizational features and benefits of your top 10 products? Think beyond the transaction, too: you can organize her paperwork by providing an envelope printed with your store information to hold her receipts and warranties. You can keep yourself organized so her experience is smooth and hassle free, with no lost signatures or missing information.

It’s bad enough when our disorganization causes us disruption, chaos and time wasted looking for lost things. Make sure Ms. Jones isn’t stressed by your mess, too.

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