Giving Ms. Jones The Extra “IT”

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Ms. Jones expects a lot out of retailers today.  The following questions might ring true in your store today:

“Could you possibly give me a better deal than ABC Furniture down the street?”

“This price seems a little bit too high for me”

“You mean you charge for delivery?”

“Is that the best deal you can give me?  You know I have shopped here before!”

The quotes can go on and on and on.  The stories go on and on and on.  In fact it was referenced in the November 3rd word of the week that sometimes Ms. Jones is flat wrong.

What if you could beat that Ms. Jones to the punch?  What if you could let her know that you are giving her your best deal without having to go through the questions?

Enter stage right the wonderful world of promotional advertising on shipments.

A printing company in New York has teamed up with several online only merchants to do targeted, shipment marketing to a specific zip code.  What this company does it find an advertising partner, plaster their ad onto the shipment box from an Amazon or E-bay and put an enticing offer into the ad.

For example, a retailer in Columbus, OH could team up with Amazon to place promotional advertising on any shipment from Amazon to Columbus.  What this company is truly stressing is adding extra offers.  Giving the extra “IT” to the customer so they will be inclined to purchase from the retailer or business.

Let’s take this one step further.   How about adding  to your direct mail this weekend, a special email that offers an extra incentive to Ms. Jones?  This would answer the age old question “Can you give me a better deal” and it might push that tweener who is in the mood to buy not sure to buy to come into the store.  Then she will purchase from you not ABC Furniture down the street.

This is not an overnight process and it might not be a one day success.  However, this will help satisfy the ladies of the world who have already said YES to you to come back and buy from you again.  Plus, it may just bring out new believers in your brand that you are trying to give Ms. Jones the best bang for her buck (plus helping your wallet as well).

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