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Tiger Woods functions on the golf course. You work.

The difference between “function” and “work” is gifting, not effort. You could sweat and strain as much as Tiger, but you’ll never beat his score without his God-given finesse on the front nine.

It’s a rare gift when your occupation is in your gifting. It’s fulfilling instead of frustrating, joyful instead of awful. It makes your time fly and your ego soar. It’s comfortable, it feels like you’re living in your own skin – not wearing a worm suit.

Your team functions when each member uses their unique talents, skills and abilities. Ask around. Whose education, extracurricular activities or hobbies are totally irrelevant to their job? Does a better position exist for them? Productivity will go through the roof when personalities and passion match position.

A functional teams values and embraces diversity, because different skill sets mean greater productivity. When everyone is squeezed into the same job description, the square pegs stick out like sore thumbs.

Do you get up every day and go to that four-letter place you call W-O-R-K? or are you excited to begin each day? Do you love what you do and do what you love?

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