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I didn’t even know you could buy postcards with preprinted stamps, but apparently they’re all the rage in the 43130 zip code. We received one this week from Hank, the gentleman who cares for our lawn. It wasn’t anything fancy, as you can see for yourself. It was handwritten. Concise. To the point.


For 28 cents, Hank got himself a loyal customer. Hank’s succinct note is more sincere than a slick postcard or prerecorded message.  Then again, Hank is sincere. He’s like a machine in our yard- reliable,
consistent, hardworking. He leans on his rake and gives you his full attention if you stop to say hello. Hank always includes a self-addressed stamped envelope with his invoice. He sends newsletters about lawn care and additional services he provides. He sends Christmas cards.

Nothing fancy. Just effective.

Hank has never offered us a coupon. He’s never on sale. He doesn’t offer financing (although we might need it after this fall’s bumper crop of hickory nuts). He doesn’t take credit cards.

Are you making elaborate plans to impress Ms. Jones, when all she needs is a simple, scrawled “thanks”?

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