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Terms of Endearment. Bridges of Madison County. Beaches. Steel Magnolias.

Grab the tissues, because Ms. Jones will watch them again and again. They’re the female equivalent of Top Gun, Hunt for Red October and Rambo.

Melodrama is the spice of a girl’s life. “Ideas that spark emotions, elicit involvement and make a woman feel as though she’s connected with her brands” are the kinds of ideas that will propel a company to a higher playing field, says Dori Molitor of WomanWise LLC.

Now, this can play both ways. Ms. Jones can get emotional about you because she loves you, or because she hates you. There’s a big difference between the tears shed over Flap’s affair versus Francesca’s.

Does your shopping experience elicit any emotion from Ms. Jones? Are they angry tears, tears of joy or is she laughing until she cries? Is “indifference” acceptable?

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