Do not be traditional!

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Do not be traditional!

Situation: What worked last time does not cut it anymore.  Ms. Jones has found new ways to shop and find the product she needs.  Unless you can fit into the new way she can shop—she is not going to shop with you.

Problem: The marketing conversation you used to have…doesn’t apply anymore. Marketing is now a two way dialogue where Ms. Jones determines who and what you are about. She wants to hear and see what she has already experienced in the marketplace. She does not want you to tell her what she is going to experience—especially when your reputation precedes you.

How to fix it:

1. Build your web presence.  Do what operationally fits the identity of your store.  Don’t jump 100% out of your comfort zone.  Do new things that you find you enjoy and do well.

2. Go where you audience goes. The local newspaper may have a website that gets a lot of traffic but does your customer go there? If the answer is no then don’t get on there. It is an add on and cheap for a reason—it only helps the newspaper and not your store.


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