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You’re intimidated. People are watching, you feel pressured. It’s not a life or death decision, but it will mean the difference between pleasure and pain. You have high expectations. You’ve heard good things. You’re paying top dollar. There are so many choices! You love the choices, and you hate the choices.  What if you make the wrong one?

Don’t you hate ordering at Starbucks? And if that wasn’t hard enough, you can even order a customized Gift Card at starbucks.com, complete with your own image and text. Geeze, Louise! What can’t you personalize these days?

Nothing. Every single thing can be customized, personalized and dramatized.

Do you see this in your own store yet? Have custom orders increased over in-stock deliveries? Have your vendors introduced product lines with more options? Is Ms. Jones getting pickier, more demanding? If she is, it’s because she is getting used to getting everything the way she wants it, when she wants it, how she wants it.

Does this lady, who speaks the secret language of her barista, respond to claims of a “great in-stock selection ready for instant delivery”? Or does she want to boldly declare her desire for a half caff triple grande with extra foam? Don’t worry, she’ll wait while you brew it up for her.

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