Create a Mobile-Friendly Site for Users to Connect. They are Mobile, are you?

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80% of Internet users use a mobile device to get their information. Most websites are built to fit on a computer screen—not for a screen 75% of the size it was built for.

A mobile site is to necessary in order to create easy navigation and legibility of the site itself. It can help your business connect with customers and increase sales opportunities, but be cautious because a bad mobile site can drive your customers to your competition.

When developing a mobile site, it should be a separate establishment from your website. A consumer, when navigating through a mobile browser, is on the go and needs to have information easily accessible and easy to read.

Here are some key reasons to go mobile:

1.Purchases from mobile sites are in the billions. Buyers are still getting comfortable making purchases mobile, but they are comfortable spending the same amount of money through a mobile device as they are a website.

2. 84 percent of people look at their mobile device first when looking for retailer information. This means that the customer is finding you rather than you finding the customer. Without a mobile site, you miss out on the percentage of users relying on their “phone directory”

As marketers we need to go where are customers are. In today’s world the customer is everywhere. As a result, we need to ensure we give outlets to the consumer to gain access to our brand but have everything in sync with all of our marketing channels.

A mobile site is just a small step to marketing success in today’s world.

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