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You studied civics in high school. You did your civic duty on the jury. You went to a game at the Civic Center.
Get used to the word, because you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it from Ms. Jones. Even if she doesn’t call it by its Latin derivative, Ms. Jones is highly interested in civic causes. She’s a little tired of the “me, me, me” song and dance of the last 40 years, and she’s turning her attention back to the communal good.

You and Ms. Jones live in the same community. She’s going to want to know how your company contributes. Your employees have the same attitudes and values as your customers, so they’ll start asking these questions soon, too (especially the younger ones):

Do you donate money? Do you donate product? Do you volunteer? Do you give your employees time off so they can volunteer? Do you sponsor events? Do you pick up trash? Do you have any “green” policies or products that could help save our planet? Do you recycle? What else could you do? What else?

Do you care? And have you told Ms. Jones – and your staff?

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