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Aren’t toes delicious? To watch a baby chew on its newly discovered toes, you’d think they were made of marzipan. Babies eagerly explore their world, tasting and touching each new sensation with relish… and slobber.

Children, however, are a little more cynical. They evaluate change before embracing it. Zucchini? Sniff, sniff – no, thanks. A new bike? Great!

Teenagers love change. In fact, they wish everything would change instantly, starting with their parents. They find sameness stifling. Later, they adopt what they swore to abolish, as they become parents themselves. Before you know it, each gray hair and wrinkle loudly protests any new trick for this old dog.

Hold “old” is your company? Do you explore new things with gusto, like a newborn with a toe in hand? Or are you a cautious child, wanting only the exciting stuff and none of that try-it-you’ll-like-it baloney? Do you think you know it all, like a rebellious teen – or have you matured to the point where you easily adapt to the needs of the generations both before you and behind you?

Or do you need a box of hair dye and a botox injection?

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