Summer Slump Got You Down? 5 Savvy Moves to Revive Your Furniture Sales

Summer Slump

Summer can feel like the dog days for furniture retailers. Customers are often too busy soaking up the sun to spend time pondering new living room sets. But just like a master chef doesn’t take a vacation from cooking, you can’t take a break from driving sales. Here are 5 surefire strategies to keep your […]

How Bad Do You Want This Boys?

As that calendar rolls over to the month when you will fully own the company you have been focused on for the last decade it should be met with a toast. The years of sacrifice, penny pinching, toilet bowls of (insert your expletive here), the starts and stops all should culminate in a moment of […]

You get my customer. Can you make it work online?

40th Anniversary Website Building

Kevin has always had a way of stumbling into R&A “off the beaten path” projects or things that didn’t align with the core of what we do everyday. So, when R&A client Infinger Furniture, a client since 2003, came to us in 2015 asking if we could build a website that reflected his customer, we […]

Yea he can play with his little social toys

Yea he can play with his little social toys

If Dad (see last weeks R&A story) never thought R&A Marketing was going to be a 2nd generation business, there was ZERO PERCENT part of our family that even thought it would be a 50/50 partnership with both members of the second generation. However, sometimes the path and course family business goes heads in directions […]

He’s the cheapest and most passionate option you got

Hes the Cheapest and Most passionate option you got

Everyone remembers when they got their first break or their shot to do the one thing they feel they were born to do. Sometimes there is many years of sacrifice and attrition. Other times there is circumstance which leads to that break (or upon reflection it ended up being one). Then there is just the […]

If you can’t see the fashion, then it ain’t worth it

Many today in our network of client, vendor, association and supplier partners have never met my Dad. That speaks volumes to his ability to invest and trust in his sons which will become even more apparent in the coming weeks of this series. So, since many do not know my Dad there is something you […]

So you want to be my ad guy, uh?

So you want to be my ad guy uh?

The dream of Rick Doran (Dad as we move forward) originally was to be a music teacher. He will let you know about how he was in the all state Ohio band, was a field commander for the marching band and how he made smooth melodies out of the sax. That dream got rerouted when […]

So this is 40 uh? The Introduction

R&A Marketing 40th Anniversary

May marks the celebration of 40 years of R&A Marketing. Over the course of this month we will be talking through the seminal moments that lead to the R&A you know today. Today we explore what to expect over the next month of R&A History. I have always wanted to be associated with R&A Marketing. […]

Own the content and you maximize the ROI

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, owning and controlling your digital presence is just as crucial as managing your physical store. Just like how you take ownership of your brick-and-mortar locations to maximize profitability, the same principle applies to your online domain. When it comes to establishing a strong online presence, owning your website URL, […]

Layer Up and See Category Sales (potentially) Grow

In the competitive world of furniture and mattress sales, marketers are constantly looking for innovative ways to boost sales while effectively reaching their target audience. One powerful strategy that has been gaining traction in our group of clients is the practice of layering different category sales across various marketing channels such as social media, email, […]

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