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“Clinton supports McCain,” the headline in my podunk little newspaper proclaimed. Huh? What? How many editor’s and publisher’s did that little “OOPS” slip past?

Too add insult to injury, the correction the paper ran the next day began with a typo. If our local paper published corrections for anything other than factual errors; the corrections would be as long as the classifieds.

Its surprisingly difficult to use good grammar and proper punctuation, but paying attention to these little details can make or brake your image. As a rule, anything you put in print should be proofread by a qualified editor.

Define “anything.” This means that any sign, any advertisement, any banner, any poster, any letter, any correspondence, any employee handbook, any policy manual and any little sign you tape up at the register should be grammatically correct, use proper punctuation, have every word spelled correctly and be clearly stated.

Define “qualified.” This can be a paid professional, or it can be as simple as an in-house screening committee. Always have several people review your work before you give it the final go. Who reads alot in your company? Chances are, they’ll recognize good writing. Get a grammar manual or find an online resource.

Print is permanent and pervasive. My Daddy always said, “Never put anything in writing you don’t want the whole world to read.” Always ask, “Is it true? Is it clear? Is it right? Is it necessary? Is it compelling? Is it edifying?”

Make every word count, and your well on your way to success!

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