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List the Top 5 complaints you get about your company’s rules and regulations. Not the complaints you hear about price and design and 4-6 weeks for special orders, but the complaints about rules modeled by the industry then established by your company.

Is it your 9 to 5 weekday delivery hours? Your refusal to sell a loveseat away from the sofa or dining chairs away from the table? Your customer service response time?

There is so much you cannot control in your business: manufacturer’s assortments, financial terms, backorders. What can you control? What policy, procedure, rule or regulation could you wipe off the board to accommodate Mrs. Jones? What would this say to her about your company? What does the existing rule say to her now?

Are any of your rules arbitrary to your customer, set in place only to make life easier for you? What does Mrs. Jones think about that?

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